Bride-to-Be packages


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Bride-2-be-Indulgence packages, to prepare and celebrate the perfect wedding:  includes one night Accommodation in the stunning Bronze Suite  (2 people) with option for a 3rd person in the  Empire Room. 

Special price offered: Valid through March 2015  .

Price:   $795 Gst inclusive

Subject to close-down periods and availability. Cannot be used with other specials

e can design something special for you. Includes Lunch snack included x 3 people,  prior to wedding or departure for reception. Normal "room only"  price is $730. This package includes $175 worth of extras/freebies beside our other special inclusions - free parking, free gym, free sauna, free wi-fi.


A very special Gourmet breakfast/ brunch - for Bride and  bridesmaids (2 to 3 people), served in the Gold dining room or al fresco

Delightful formal silver served High Tea, served on arrival 

Special requirements catered for

Bottle of Champagne with a selection of antipasto hors d'oeuvres

Special Cotter House sweet treats and Petits fours 

Aromatherapy bath bombs and fragrances, incense and candles

Fresh flowers and fruit bowl
Turn-down service
New Zealand taxes of 15%

For 2015 Wedding season, check with us.  Book now to block this pricing.

  • We can arrange a make-up artist and hairdresser for you to prepare on your special day.
  • Beverages from our cellar are not included in the price of the room except where specified

Indulge yourself and your bridesmaids.

Check our   SPA Party Special package. Enjoy a choice of three 30-minute treatments: we organise a Beautician, a masseuse and a manicurist to deliver a selection of toning facial, massage or manicure.  At your leisure, enjoy a High Tea before or after your treatments. 

On the day of the wedding - We can also offer the following 

  • Cotter House and garden available for photographs
  • Celebration bubbly whilst getting ready
  • Transfers from Cotter House to the wedding venue (choice of stunning Limousines). 

We can organise

  • Make-up artist
  • Hairdresser
  • Make-up and hair for bridesmaids
  • Make up and hair for mother of the bride
  • One hour toning facial for the bride 
  • Photographer
  • Limousine hire to take you to your wedding venue  


Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know a little more about the different options available. We are delighted to be a part of your special day and do everything we can to make it perfect and most memorable.

Call us :  Gloria +64 9 529 5156 - iPhone: +64 27 567 2989 - email:

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