Boutique Weddings

Small wedding venue -Intimate & romantic  

Small private Weddings with accommodation - One look and you'll know you've found the perfect location

Cotter House isn’t just ideal for romantic escapes but it can be the perfect  small wedding venue. It offers stylish city ceremonies or glamorous 'Vintage'", boutique 'chic' parties. It is the most inspiring honeymoon  wedding location in Auckland with that all-important wow factor. The largest private ballroom in Auckland.

Cotter House is not an event centre, entertainment facility nor public restaurant. As a private rental it offers a romantic tapestry of inviting options.  With its gorgeous gardens, lavish setting, epicurean suites and silver service cuisine, it offers a totally exclusive array of heavenly settings for honeymoons, weddings and photo shoots.

From that small special reception to an intimate rehearsal dinner,  or bridal brunches, we offer elegant event spaces, beautiful accommodation and exceptional food and beverages for virtually any type of affair. We take the headache out of wedding planning by arranging every detail, as well as activities for you and your guests.  We offer a very complete range of wedding planning services.

There's never been a more perfect place to celebrate your special day.


Please contact us to discuss your plans, for further information or to quote. Use our CONTACT enquiry form - or email direct:,  Ph:  +64  9 529 5156  - Fax: +64  9 529 5186

Dear Bride to Be…

Leave behind the hassles! Pamper yourself before the Big Day! Relax and enjoy our 5-star silver service experience over one, two or three days. We offer to create for you

... a special and delicious pre-wedding dinner opportunity to catch up with family and friends - contact us - as you enjoy the ambiance, art and antiques in the luxury of our unique accommodation and prepare for the big occasion...(Capacity: up to 40 people - contact us to discuss your numbers)

... a special atmosphere to treat yourself to a memorable 24 hrs before the Big Day. Arrive with your bridesmaids or friends for High Tea, take over the house and enjoy the surroundings, champagne, and why not? a Spa party! with massages,  toning facial and manicure?...(ideal for up to 6 people: consult with us for larger numbers)

... a special and hassle free start to the Big Day: hairdresser and make-up artist on hand to create the most beautiful you and the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride can join in...and delightful setting for that small and intimate celebration in the beautiful lounges or dining and ball rooms...(Capacity:  your choice - consult with us)

... a special  honeymoon night! Return to a romantic setting to begin your married life. Relax in a bath with aromatherapy lavender bath bombs by candle light, with a bottle of champagne and supper before retiring...

... a special Experience the morning after! Wake up to a scrumptious champagne breakfast, to the sounds of bird song, maybe a dip in the heated swimming pool or perhaps lounge around in our fluffy bathrobes while enjoying the charm of this wonderful heritage 1847 architectural gem. And you don’t have to check out ‘till the afternoon...

 "Bride-2-be"  pre wedding pampering ...

For the ultimate in pampering Cotter House organises special Spa parties  and offers a selection of pre wedding spa treatments, facials and massages, ensuring a radiant and relaxed bridal party.  Cotter House’s  spacious luxury suites - and in particular its Honeymoon Suite, provide the perfect venue for pre-wedding grooming.

Need more information?

Contact Gloria to discuss our range of "Made to Order" boutique wedding and pre-wedding reception options. ph: 09 529 5156 | fax: 09 529 5186 | email :| iPhone: 027 567 2989

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