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Cotter House closing down effective 31st July 2016

High Teas NO longer AVAILABLE

Please note that  WE ARE NOT an event centre, entertainment facility nor Restaurant. We have our in-house chefs, and we are able to  ORGANISE something really special  and made to order for you on the day.

 Terms & Conditions:

  • Cotter House caters for your group on an exclusive basis (we are not a "float in float out" public restaurant) and we require  - where possible - a few days notice and final numbers one week prior).
  • To confirm ANY and ALL bookings, we require full contact details, and  complete credit card details, because we have to book you through our Hotel management system that requires this information to provide your GST invoice on departure.

The end of an era

We were delighted  - during past 10 years - to host your very special occasion as a very exclusive private Retreat serving  gorgeous High teas... (High end....). 

At Cotter House, you were seated in an exclusive private ballroom and we offered you the exclusive use of your own dining room. 


The way we operated during 2015 and 2016

Currently, Within the format we offer - a special deal for 4-6 people -  we normally operate quite simply, offering the exclusive use of our  2 dining rooms (one for 4  to 6 people, the other for 6, max 8 people)  already set up.   We are happy to accept  high tea bookings in between our guest departures (check-out midday-1pm) and arrivals (check-in 3-5pm).  We always offer High tea to our guests  which is why we can accommodate occasional  third parties.

  • During Winter, we operate  MOSTLY on a Villa Rental basis, for periods of 5-7 days, not normal B&B accommodation and depending on numbers we are able to cater for you:  We bring in our chefs to cater for you  on a special basis.
  • Winter High teas:  Call us:  we might be able to offer you a high tea on a casual basis = info@cotterhouse.com
  • For larger numbers, we hire whatever is required.

Our High tea PROPOSALS are quoted exclusive of Gst. Your final invoice will have GST added.

Bookings indispensable: Formal confirmation is sent when you Email  full contact (address details)  and Credit card details.

Dates:  Weekends available - During the week, subject to availability.

Times:  2pm - 4pm, or 3pm - 5pm.

Style:   Our high teas are very lavish and substantial

  1. French "Ritz-style" High tea. 4-courses very formal Silver served. 2 hot entrees + 2 desserts
  2. English Devonshire High tea - less formal - buffet style with tiered-platters (dainty club sandwiches, scones,cup cakes, petit fours)

Numbers: minimum 4 people, max 6-8 people. We always have 2 dining rooms ready.   We can do larger groups,  on a "Made to Order" basis - up to 20-40 in the Ballroom. Per person cost depends on style selected

Cost:  New pricing for 2016-2017 season. 

French $54 + gst per person
English:   $48 + gst per person

Beverages:  Selection of Teas - Our Signature blend of Colombian and Italian Coffee

We set up the ballroom  for your special event, with lavish settings (china, silver, Mother of Pearl cutlery) tables (different configurations) choice of chairs  (Tiffany gold chairs) or  chair covers with gold or silver bows,  table linen - black on white, or as preferred: Also additional staff as required (ratio: 1 to 8 people) .

Special set-up :

We create high teas on a very special basis to keep them very affordable: we only charge a very small token fee  to host a large group, and it covers  ONLY rental of Tiffany/Charivari gold chairs we bring in, not staff set-up, cleaning and knockdown, nor laundry charges ,  tables and tablecloths, crockery, silver.

  • Max 10 people:  $100- one staff required
  • 10-15 people - SPECIAL:  $130  + gst  - we can extend the time  - additional staff required
  • 15-20 people - charge is $180 + gst 

FOR large numbers, we have had to put together special pricing  for summer : this is a much reduced rate  from our normal: $375 + gst per hour. ( For numbers 30-40  people we charge $1980+ gst. For 40-50 we charge $2500 + gst.) . We are able to  offer the exclusive use of the house at a very special price which is not a  proper venue cost, but instead a contribution to hire.   We block the venue for  2-2.5 hours (+ 1 hour each way to prepare and knock down - equivalent  to half a day)


  • 20-30 people - charge is $280 + gst
  • 30-40 people - charge is $380 + gst
  • 40-50  people - our normal venue hire charges apply:  $650 + gst
  • HALF DAY hire:  (6 hours) Special:  $800 + gst instead of normal fee $375 per hour.

Staff is additional as required:  Ratio  is one staff  for 8 people  for duration. (In charge of Champagne bar, and High tea coffee  service).

  • Flat service fee :  (no change  since 2015) - $75  + gst  per staff (covers periods  of 2-2.5 hours) . 
  • Required: 2 staff for 15 people, 3 staff for 20 people, etc...

Other Beverages:

We offer the best cellar in Auckland with choice of Champagnes. Our high teas are perfectly suited for special celebrations. 

Our High tea DO NOT include Bubbles nor soft drinks.   ON REQUEST - additional

  • We offer  a choice of Champagnes:  French from $130 per bottle, or a  Premium NZ Bubbles at a cost of $45 + gst per bottle (1 bottle will serve 5 people).
  • Additional - Soft drinks:  Pitcher of Orange juice from $19 +  gst
  • Special bar can be set up on request - beverages served on arrival, while you wait for your guests.

French “Ritz-style” High tea menu:

This type of high tea is made up  of 2 entrees and 2 desserts.

2 Savouries - entree size

  • Coquilles St. Jacques Sauce Mornay (scallops in a Mornay Sauce) in a pastry shell.
  • Goat cheese and Port onion jam in puff pastry

2 Sweets: Dessert and Tiered platter of Petit Fours with selection

  • CHOICE OF:  Either
    • Keffir Lime and Lemon grass Panacotta, served with a choice of Rose syrup or Passionfruit syrup,
    • or Mini cheese cakes with a Rhum and caramel sauce.
    • or We can make -  on special requests - Cremes Brulees..
  • Included:  Platter of Petits Fours (2 types) or, if preferred, a platter of  Scones with cream and jams.

Choice of  special teas and  Our signature blend of Colombian and Italian coffee.

Dietary requirements:  We can accommodate, on request, special dietary requirements, including Gluten free options. For the French High tea:  We can prepare a vegetarian option for people who do not eat shellfish/ scallops, such as Spinach and Feta turnovers.

English High tea menu - served in tiered platters and lovely silver. 

Typical English, with selection of bite sized sandwiches, cup cakes and petit fours. We add Scones to the mix.

Selection  of dainty club sandwiches: choice of 3 types

  • Tuna and cucumber,
  • Asparagus rolls - in season
  • Chicken rolls
  • Ham and cheese
  • Roast beef, or Salami and egg
  • Salmon and cream cheese

Platter of Signature Petit Fours: choose 3

  • Mini pecan pies
  • Lemon Honey and grape tartlets
  • Passion fruit tartlets
  • Apple and almond filo mini pies
  • Meringues, stuffed with cream and berry fruit
  • Mini muffins (apple or blueberry)


We serve sweets on gold tiered platters, as centre pieces:

  • Petit foursas per your choice (see aabove)
  • included : cup cakes  2 types - Vanilla and or Chocolate
  • included: Scones served with cream and jams.
Choice of teas (special teas) and freshly brewed coffee.

Additional Menu Options are available for Vegetarians or gluten free :

English or French high teas :  additional $4 per person per additional item.

SAVOURY OPTIONS: Vegetarian options

  • Creme and Goat cheese mini pastries topped with Port onion jam (V)
  • Spanakopitas filled with spinach and feta (V)

Choice of a large cake

  • large Apple Strudel served with Creme Fraiche
  • Lemon , almond and Yoghurt cake

16 Dining Rm NG Breakfast cropped_1Ballroom_Hi_Tea_setting_2

Our Ballroom allows us to create special events.

We can set up large square tables for 10-12, or Round tables for 8 people each for up to 40 people, or trestle tables for 6 people each, for 18 people.


We can organise flowers for you: quote on request, or  we use Petit fours and cup cakes served on gold tiered platters, as centre pieces.

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